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Kim is a Denver based photographer who brings with her a broad range of experience and offers all types of imaging services, including portraiture, commercial, event, time-lapse, and editorial photography. Kim has many personal reasons for advocating the use of medical marijuana, the re-legalization of cannabis for adults and the re-introduction of hemp into our economy.


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New Work for Hemp Hoodlamb

February 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Checkout my latest work for Hemp Hoodlamb and read more about this top notch company below...

Hemp Hoodlamb

"Hemp HoodLamb was established in Amsterdam in 1993 and is an independent hemp label offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp gear. With HoodLamb our main aim is to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and to demonstrate that a solution for sustainable living can be found in hemp. When it comes to design, we choose not to follow the hypes of the fashion world but create apparel that is timeless and innovative. For every new collection HoodLamb works together with guest designers to create unique pieces and prints. Progress is a key-element of the HoodLamb philosophy and each new season HoodLamb features new developments within eco-technology, functionality and sustainability.

Supporting the good cause is important to us and since 2009 HoodLamb has a close friendship with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (from: Animal Planet’s reality show Whale Wars!). Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit wildlife conservation organization with a mission to end destruction of marine habitat and unnecessary slaughter of wildlife in the oceans. HoodLamb supports Sea Shepherd in their direct actions and this friendship has resulted in an exclusive HoodLamb X Sea Shepherd merch line. For each purchased item a donation of $6 – $40 goes straight into the pocket of conserving and protecting eco systems and species from illegal whalers."


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