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Kim is a Denver based photographer who brings with her a broad range of experience and offers all types of imaging services, including portraiture, commercial, event, time-lapse, and editorial photography. Kim has many personal reasons for advocating the use of medical marijuana, the re-legalization of cannabis for adults and the re-introduction of hemp into our economy.


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New Work: O.pen Vape™ (get a free one today)

October 26, 2012  •  6 Comments

One of my favorite clients, OrganaLabs has just launched it's newest product, the O.pen Vape. In celebration, they'll be giving away their first 10,000 vape pens for free (with purchase of 2 cartridges). Click here for more information and make sure to checkout this new product as soon as you can! I've tried this product personally and must say that I'm a fan... not only is it a great product with top quality medication, but as a neat little bonus, the tip of the vaporizer actually works as a stylus for your iPad, iPhone or other devices.

Photography by, stay tuned for more of my work with OrganaLabs!


O.pen Vape

Love my O.pen! The CO2 oil is strain specific and the pen is free. I paid $75 for an Atmos that sucks. The only complaint I have is they are hard to find due to the demand. Bob...are you sure you had an O.pen?
Awesome product! I quit smoking all together....vape only!!
Love it, bought 2 500mg cartridges and they gave me the pen free. I had the Kryptonite from DKC before and this blows it away. There are no buttons and the co2 oil cartridges hit like a champ and last a long time it seems. I had to go get a second one cause my wife took my first lol. It is worth at least looking into. Wow
3.Fly fishing nymph(non-registered)
I luv it. It's awesome!
Sucks worth of money on select strains :( if oil and its honey hash oil cut with glycerin !!
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