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Kim is a Denver based photographer who brings with her a broad range of experience and offers all types of imaging services, including portraiture, commercial, event, time-lapse, and editorial photography. Kim has many personal reasons for advocating the use of medical marijuana, the re-legalization of cannabis for adults and the re-introduction of hemp into our economy.


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75 Years of Prohibition with Dampie at the Hoodlab

October 14, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Checkout images from the official world debut of the Dutch hemp artist, Dampie at the Hoodlab in Denver, Colorado. The event, "Celebrating 75 Years of Prohibition" took place October 12th and gave attendees a chance to be among the first in the world to view Dampie's newest pieces (shown below). As always, the Hoodlab put on an amazing party with more than enough talent on their walls to please any art enthusiast. Also new that evening, the Hoodlab unveiled tons of new work on their graffiti wall outside, which as you can see from the group shot in this slideshow, was quite a hit. Make sure to stop by the Hoodlab soon to check out Dampie's work which will be on display for a few weeks (Check with the Hoodlab for more info!)

Stay tuned for tons of images from the NEW Hoodlab and see more of Kim's work at

Who is Dampie? Dampie is the creator of many HoodLamb designs advocating Hemp and its many uses. He worked together with HoodLamb to create the signature Cannaflage pattern, also used by the Sea Shepherds’ on their campaigns saving marine wild life in the Arctic Oceans. The cannaflage pattern is symbolizing the cannarmy that promotes sustainability and evolution of culture. 

As a modern pre-historic man he leaves his mark on the cave walls of society in the form of sustainable fashion and paintings. Inspired by vintage advertising strategies used during the Prohibition he advocates the message that we need to evolve and change the stance on worlds most versatile plant called Hemp.


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